Make AirPods work on your Android phone

AirBattery allows you to get most features from Apples or Beats wireless headphones onto your Android phone. With its effortless setup, clean design and seamless integration its easy to use and joins the best from both worlds.

Get it on Google Play

“If you’re an AirPods user on Android, I’d highly recommend trying it out.”

An easy way to get informed

Just like on Apple, the app will open with the current battery state the moment you connect your headphones. But you don't even need to unlock the phone, as a self-updating notification will automatically pop up informing you about the current charge.

Automatically pause the music when you need to

If you've headphones that support in ear detection, the app will automatically pause the music when you take one ear piece out and will automatically continue, when you put them back in.

Supports the device you have

All current Apple and Beats wireless headphones are supported. A wide range of custom designed images, allow you to easily distinguish between each of those devices.

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